How can I change my e-mail address for msn without loosing all my contacts ???


New Email
Hello to all of you !

I, first, wish you a wonderful new year... may it brings you every things you heart desire for you and all your loved ones and certainly health, peace, abundance, joy (lot of laugh), Friendship, Love...

I'm a 58 years old grand mother of 10 little angels... and need YOUR HELP !!!

One of my nephew has a hackers (ortho ???) in his computer and he told us that we, all, have to open a new msn count with a new address mail...

This "Hacker" also ask him money if my nephew doesn't want "him to attack" his contacts !!!

Is it possible to change our mail address in msn without loosing all our contacts ???

I remember that a few years ago I could go into my hotmail account and change informations... but I'm unnable to do so now as I can't fine that page any more !
I don't want to open an new e-mail address for that I have a few already... and, certainely, don't want to open a new msn...

What can I do... or what can we, all, do to stop that personne to continue his action...
More than this, I use home banking... is there some possibility to have problemes ?

I know that this forum deal more with e-mail problems... but I don't know where to ask ?


I send you 1000 thought full of positives energies of Peace, Joy and Love