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Hi sorry for double posting, but i think i posted my question in the wrong section :p

Hi, last week my laptop died and so i needed to purchase a replacement, but since my passwords's were saved on my old laptop i dont remember my msn password.

I tried to reset my password using the validation question, as my alternative email address has since expired. Unfortunately i kept getting the answer wrong (due to a spelling mistake :p ), i now have the correct spelling and could easily answer my validation question, but it keeps coming up with the following message:

"This option is temporarily unavailable because incorrect information was entered too many times. Please try another reset option or try again later."

It did this the first couple of times i got the validation question wrong, but would let me try again a day later, but for the last couple of days it has kept giving me the above message.

Does anyone have any idea how long it will take before i am allowed to try again? or if it will ever let me try again?

As i said my alternative address has expired, i dont fancy filling out the customer support questionnaire as some of the info is quite personal, but most of all because i cant remember the answers i would have given when setting up my account (as i probably would of just made it up :/ thinking i would never need it and the info was quite sensitive)

This account is actually quite important to me and i really want to recover it soon, so has anyone please got and advice or tips that can help me?

Any ideas how long it will keep stopping me from answering the validation question? The strange thing is, the other options of using customer support or alternative address are both still available, so hopefuly the validation question will become available at some point?



P.s sorry for the long thread :p