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I have a hotmail account. I know what my e-mail address is and what my password is. My old password has expired so it prompts me to update this with a new password. Each time I do this, the rest password page just keeps looping. I have cleared out all my temp files, cookies, etc and rebooted numerous times over the last 5 days. I did not set up an alternative e-mail address and my secret question and answer do not seem to match. Any ideas how I can get back into my hotmail account?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Are you sure you are at a real Hotmail page and not a phishing site trying to steal your password?

Login to hotmail here :

You can reset your Hotmail password here :

Is that link the site you were trying to reset your password at?

What prompted you to reset your password? An email notification? (never click links in those)

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Thanks for the reply. I stupidly set my password to expire after 72 days and it has now expired. I have tried, and I have Rapport installed and it has given me the green light, assuring me the page is legitimate. I have tried logging in on various machines but get the same result. Normally, resetting my password is so simple and takes seconds. I am at a complete loss!