hotmail problem


New Email
I recently switched Internet providers from TWC Roadrunner to AT&T. Since that time I have had trouble accessing my hotmail accounts. I can log in with no problems, but once my inbox starts coming up it starts to act like I have lost the connection or that my internet speed is not fast enough. I am not having any problems surfing the web or using my google and at&t emails. I have talked to several AT&T reps and at first they said there was a problem with my computer. I got another computer and hooked it to my service and the same problem happens with it as well. Today, I was able to connect to my neighbor's wireless internet and had no problems using my hotmail accounts at all!!! The problem is only occuring when I try to access it when using my AT&T internet service. I have constantly deleted cookies etc... I have added the links to my safe list, etc... I have also tried using Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari, but still the same problem. AT&T is now telling me it's a hotmail problem and not an internet provider problem. This has been going on for two weeks and still cannot get it fixed. Please advise.