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This morning I discovered that someone had sent out emails that looked like they had come from my hotmail account. These emails were sent to most or all of the contacts on my contact list. My computer was turned off at the time this was done.
I have never used Outlook and am confused as to how someone could get a list of my contacts.

What I have done so far:
Changed hotmail password.
Added personal question to account.
Ran virus scan. (OK)

Should I contact hotmail?
What else should I do?


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Hi Harry,

Changing your password and security questions are great first steps.

Have one of your friends send you the full email headers from one of the emails.

The directions are different depending on what email provider or mail program they are using.

If you reply with the full email headers we can help you figure out if your computer or your Hotmail account was involved with sending the email, or if the From: was forged and the email was really sent from another location.



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I was not sure the best way to send that info to the forum so I forwarded to your gmail.
Also I looked in the 'sent messages' and there was nothing there.



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i suggest that you quickly print off your contacts as this has happened to me as well and i have lost my entire contact list of about the last 7 years.