Hotmail Preview?


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How do I get back to my regular Hotmail Account which was easy to Navigate. I am in Hot mail Preview, Slow as Molasses!!!


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Can you take a screen shot and upload it in a reply?

Most (I thought all) Hotmail users had been migrated to already.

I'm curious if you're still Hotmail and seeing that you'll be changed to Outlook soon, or that you're a Hotmail account in the interface with access to some of the new Office 365 features.


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Not to speak for Jezianne, but I was only recently "upgraded" to the "Preview" myself, that is, the one they had promised would be rolling out "soon" back in May!

The upper left corner of the inbox shows: (Preview)

...with their new themes, etc.

Perhaps she's referring to experiencing the same recent "preview." ??

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