Hotmail/Live/Outlook not receiving my emails...

Shylah Trost

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Hello, I've had this problem for about 1 month now.
My email address is and I use OUTLOOK to send emails.
I've tried to send emails directly from my website as well - no luck.

None of my clients who use Hotmail or Hotmail related email addresses receive my emails.
I've had GoDaddy check to make sure I'm not blacklisted (no reason for me to be!!!) and that I'm good to go. They also sent Microsoft and email regarding the problem, but I never heard back.

I do NOT get a bounce or alert that the email doesn't go through.

My emails should be going through just fine............but aren't.

Any ideas?

EQ Admin

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This problem has been coming up more often over the past few months. For example:

Problems sending from my email account (GoDaddy hosted) to hotmail/

The root cause of the problem is that the shared smtp relays provided by Godaddy have a poor reputation and are getting blocked by some other email services.

A couple of the workarounds include:
  1. Use a 3rd party for sending your email. We recommend LuxSci Email.
  2. Migrate your Godaddy hosting to their EU region. Those smtp relays have a better reputation.