Hotmail info totally forgotten


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I signed up for a Hotmail account on 9/29 in the middle of the night. I am older and I had trouble because they did not like any name I wanted to use.
After a couple of hours (yes hours), they took a name and a password and I dozed off and I cannot remember anything. How do I recover a whole hot mail account when I don't remember my username or the password? I gave them my yahoo account as my secondary address but have not received any email from them on yahoo. :confused:Thank you in advance for your help. God Bless


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Unfortunately if you can't remember your user name, you're probably out of luck. Your best bet would be to open a new account and as soon as you open it, send an email to your yahoo address. That way you will have your username saved. Good luck!


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If the web browser is open or has history saved you can try the back button.

Did you check the Yahoo spam folder for an account notification?