Hotmail hacked?


New Email
My primary email is Hotmail. I've been having a lot of trouble with it for the past couple of weeks and yesterday I was unable to access my emails at all. I called a company I found on Google, Techonware LLC, and paid them $59.99 to 'fix' the problem. They used the remote manipulation of my computer to do whatever they did and it worked. This morning, at first, I was able to access my hotmail account but then it went back to having a different appearance (blue instead of black letters, etc.) and I was unable to access my emails.

When they worked on my computer it showed all sorts of unpleasant stuff I didn't even know was there so I know someone was messing with it.

My questions are: Is anyone familiar with this type of problem?

Does anyone know if Techonware is on the level? Their 'fix' is guaranteed for 30 days but I thought I try to get some feedback from someone before I did.

LS :eek: