Hotmail functions vanished


New Email
After several years, my Hotmail will not let me forward or reply to any message with the body of the original message included. For a few weeks if I closed out of the attempt and retried, it would give me the content the 2nd time - then it took 3 or 4 times, now not at all. It also has started wiping out all copy if I try to save a draft. It keeps the addressee and the subject line but zaps all the body I previously typed. All of these things are a real hassle!
I can forward things from my phone with no problem, but who wants to type a lot on a phone???

Also, my Hotmail incoming mail panels have lost their scrolling function, either by using my arrow keys or by clicking on the top or bottom of the scroll. The only way I can move is by placing the pointer on the bar and moving it myself. This happened in the same time frame as the other issues.

All this is only in Hotmail, and are the only problems I'm experiencing with my laptop (Vista Home Premium/Firefox). I back up weekly and also check for security updates and scan weekly.