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I am suddenly (within last 48 hours) getting messages to a friend with a hotmail account bouncing. Code in bounce message is 550 SC 001, which says "Mail rejected by Hotmail for policy reasons, or ISP reputation." My ISP ( is of no help, and referred me to Amazon for some reason.

Please note I have been sending messages to this hotmail address for months without incident, and the problem has suddenly arisen. Email sent to this hotmail account from a non-Orcon address does not bounce. There does not appear to be any other issues with the Orcon email account in either receiving messages or sending them.

Do not believe this question appears in any other thread so posting this message.

Please do not respond unless you can help with this specific issue, thanks.




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Can you copy/paste the response from your ISP?

I do not see a connection between Amazon and your ISP.

Neither IP for your ISP seems to be blacklisted:

Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email

Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email

A reputation check of the IP I could identify looks OK too: - IP - McAfee Labs Threat Center

In general, the error from Hotmail indicates there was some sort of abuse related to your ISP's mail server. The full error message can help me to narrow down exactly what IP address of theirs is experiencing the issue. If the abuse stops the error will likely fix itself within a few days even if your ISP does not take action. If your ISP does correct a problem they can use this form to speed up the delisting process with Hotmail.

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Thank you Popowich... your help is appreciated.

A further call to Orcon clears this up... they are aware of an issue with Hotmail from many of their subscribers and are working on it.

We both know there is no relationship to Amazon.... that info was clearly given by an Orcon employee that had no clue what he was talking about. BTW, this is quite unusual as in my experience their help desk is very helpful and competent.

I will wait for the solution and advise on this thread.