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YoDaddy Ryan

New Email
Hello, my names Ryan MacDonald, I've been trying to access my Email for awhile now, my password is correct.. but every time I try log into it, it take me to a message board saying:

"It looks like someone might be using your account
To help you-and only you-to get back into, we need to verify that it's your's"

I clicked "Next".

its says:
"How do you want to receive your security code?"

gave me an option from sending a code to my back up email, or filling in a questionair.

I sent a code to my back up email.

I clicked "Next"

"Check for a message from the Microsoft Account team and enter the security code here."

I clicked a new tab, went to, typed in my Back up hotmail, typed in my password.. and guess what? said the same thing on my other account. :( I need HELP!!!

soooooo... I did the questionair, I typed in my information, and waited 24hours for a message from the hotmail team, and didnt get anything... I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!

I cant access anything, cant recover my xbox live account, which i had, had for 3 years, my psn account.. I need help.

Please Microsoft, please help....




Customer Service
Please Microsoft, please help....

Welcome to email questions. FYI We are NOT microsoft.

Did you use the same password for both the original and the backup accounts? If so, there is your problem. Once the hacker had one password, he had both and could do whatever he wanted to with your accounts.

Try following the steps found HERE to regain control of your accounts.

Good luck!