hotmail blocked


New Email
Like others I have been blocked from my hotmail acct and can't get back in as the email address they have on record to forward me code info is an outdated one. I had been hacked a few days ago and had already changed my password and was using it successfully until all of a sudden I was locked out. Every attempt I make to contact them, hitting all links advised, keep looping me back to the page to secure the code. Even when I try by hitting the mobile link (I doubt if I even have my cell phone on record) it automatically brings me back to the page offering to send me code info to an old address.
Does the acct automatically become unblocked after a period of time? Is there a way I can create a new hotmail acct, get access to my old one, and have all mail from there forwarded, including my addressbook, so that I can email people of a temporary change of email address? Ideally I just want to get back to my original address.


I have the same problem. my hotmail account is blocked. when i login into my hotmail it says 'it looks like someone else might be using your account'. i changed my password but i am getting the same message. i also filled the questionaire and got a reply that i cannot verify my account since the details i filled are incorrect. i filled all the right details. i need my emails back, help !!!