Hotmail Alternate Account Problem


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Hi, any tips will be appreciated.

I often get blocked from using my Hotmail email account, sometimes it's because I'm traveling and sometimes it's because I'm on a different device.

The alternate email address I first registered is no longer active. A long time ago I tried clearing this matter but eventually gave up. Now, I'm determined to remove that inactive alternate email and replace it with an active email.

I remember having to wait 30 days to restore my main Hotmail account but now that I try replacing the Alternate email, shown below is a message I get when I say that I don't have the alternate email currently on file and I just don't know what to do after that message pops up. This is preventing me from adding a fresh account as my alternate. Here is the message.
We're not ready for you yet
You recently told us that you lost your security info. Your account is still in the waiting period, and is due to end on 17/11/2013. Please continue to wait and we'll send you an email when you can sign back in.
If you've lost access to the contact email address you gave us to start this process, you can restart this process once the waiting period ends.
Click "Cancel" to go back to what you were doing.""

Notice the very old date,,

Any suggestions?? Thanks,,, CanuckBen1


I used to have a hotmail and yahoo account and switched to Gmail and set up forwarding for the hotmail and yahoo accounts and I'm very happy. The problem is that Yahoo tries to copy gmail and Hotmail does that too. Both of these companies dont care about the consumer and know what we really want. I hope Google will continue to be a great company and remember the consumer. Companies usually forget to do that especially when they realize they're now powerful.

Switching is a pain for a little bit but its very worthwhile. The way I've set up forwarding, the Yahoo and Hotmail come to the gmail and have their own Labels. The emails also get deleted from the original accounts so those accounts dont keep filling up with email.
To make the switch less painful, first create a Gmail account. Start using it lightly. Keep using it more and more when you create more accounts and one day just switch on the forwarding.

Coming back to your original problem:
"is due to end on 17/11/2013. "

Have you tried contacting customer service and telling them about this late date?

You could try this too:
Two-step verification boosts account security by making it more difficult for hackers to sign in—even if they know or guess your password.
If you turn on two-step verification and then try to sign in on a device we don’t recognize, we’ll ask you for two things:
Your password
An extra security code
Microsoft Account Security Overview


New Email
I set up my account sum time ago wiyh an email I no longer use,i recently changed mypassword then forgot it,now I cant get a code as the recovery email is no longer valid???I also have a onedrive account I cant access,i thort I had copie everything to my new one drive so closed that email down and can no longer access my pics ect pleeeeeeeeeez help