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Janice Backus

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I received an email from customerservice at hotmail asking me to verify my account information. It asked for name, address, dob and passcode. Was that from the real hotmail customerservice?

The message said if I did not complete the information, I would lose my hotmail account.

I just paid $150.00 for my computer to be repaired and I don't need someone to hack it again.

Is Hotmail requesting account verifications?

Janice M Backus


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Have a look at the bottom of the e-mail.

Copyright ?

:rofl: i dont think that is something that the Windows Live team would put, I or so love how random words are capitalized.


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Yes, you are correct that other signs that an email is a phishing attempt include non-sensical english wordings, misspelled words, links that don't go to the intended web site if you hover over them to see where they go, etc.

General reminder - Never respond to an email that asks for any personal information. Mark them as spam/phishing/junk (depending on your email provider) and then delete them.