Hotmail account locked out


New Email
My husbands hotmail account has been locked out. He has gone through the process of getting a verification code and filling all required information after this stage but they still won't unlock it. He has repeated this process 5/6 times and they still won't unlock it. This is his work email account so he is very stressed and concerned to re access his account.
I have had the same problems that this person's husband has encountered - I have been on the phone with people but they don't see very helpful - I have done recovery thing too and there are 2 emails they reference that are not mine so I did the 2 step recovery and it never works.... I am getting frustrated because I run a volunteer organization with that email address and I have a lot of personal items saved on my email folders that I urgently need access to..... I am having a hard time getting help with Microsoft..... any insight? If I have to create a new email address fine but I need access to my contacts in the email and some past information and documents.... not sure if that portion can be transferred over but I doubt it,. thank you.