Hotmail account hacked for fraud spam


New Email
I am disgusted! Within hours of my opening a Hotmail email account - it must have been hacked into by someone who has used my address to send a very plausible fraudulent email to all my address book contacts and facebook contacts saying I was in Kuala Lumpur (I live in Scotland!) and had lost my purse and credit cards and need money! This fraudulent email has caused lots of trouble and really hassled and upset lots of my contacts. Very embarassing for me too - as if it is MY fault. I have been getting phone calls and emails from friends and acquaintances for three days now, worried for my safety and just not sure if the email was true or not. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! I will NEVER have a Hotmail account again and will warn all my friends not to ever create one also.

I may have not felt so bad about Hotmail if I could have easily found help -
I have been sent round and round and round in circles on your website trying to a) find a way to access my account again (I just cannot get back into it - I want to delete it!) and b) let you know about this abuse. These hackers and robbers must be stopped - why is there always someone got to spoil things for other people!