Hotmail account frozen... again... ANYONE KNOW HOW TO HELP???


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Hello! I have an issue with my hotmail account. I can log in my e-mail BUT I cannot read ANY of my e-mails, its like it is frozen. This has happened before to me and they somehow fixed it, and this is the second time it is happening. Seriously I am expecting so many e-mails as this is the e-mail I gave to most of my clients and now hotmail is killing me. I am seriously thinking of deleting my account but that would mean I have to go through all my contacts and then send them another e-mail.

Does anyone know how this hotmail issue can be solved?


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Thank you for your answer. But my problem is not logging in. I can log in, the problem is I cannot read anything or click or anything :confused::(


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Hi Elena,

Yes, that is the correct guide for that problem.

Sometimes using a different login link helps to clear a problem.

Continue with the steps since making sure you have the latest web browser, updating flash player, etc are important too.