hotmail account blocked for sending spam


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I'm Daniel,
My Windows Live Hotmail account has been locked for apparently sending spam, I never sent spam in my life so I don't know what they are talking about. I have been trying to recover my account for so long now and I can't get anyone to help me, could someone please help me get my account back, I have tried everything I can possible do and it wont budge. Everything is connected to my email address and I really need it back, what can I do to get my locked email address back? :thanks:


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Hey Daniel,
I got two of them emails but my hotmail account seems to still exist as I still am reviceing emails are you? I believe it was a fake as the URL was opening in a different browser. From windows live messager. :) hotmail would have contacted you in another way if your account need varifying. :)
Change your password!
I hope this helped! D':D