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I got a new e-mail account from my firm and to open it i have to open the webpage webmail."my firm name".ba and a have 3-4 private mail accounts and there are all in Outlook and now i want to add this account to outlook too but i don't know the incoming and outgoing server and i searched the whole net but nowhere are they written down. So if anybody knows the in/outgoing servers for Horde please tell me.


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Hi dino13,

Horde is a project that includes a free web based email client called IMP.

Most likely IMP is using an IMAP connection to connect to the firm's email servers.

The IMAP server might not be publicly available.

What is the domain name for the company?

A possible incoming server name could be imap.the-firm.ba

You'll get the best answer by contacting the companies tech support directly since this is not a public email service.

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