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Three days ago my yahoo email account was hacked. It seems that just about anyone that I had ever emailed received some kind of raspberry diet thing. I knew something was going on at about ten p.m., my phone started to alert me, about every fifteen seconds through Mailer Daemon and craigslist that my email's were undeliverable. Seeing how I had not been emailing anything for about a week, even I knew something was wrong. I logged out and logged back in with a new password. When I did that a security screen came up asking the nickname of my youngest child, to which I answered. It was a long time ago that I set up my email, but there is only ONE answer to that question. It said wrong answer, and after a while gave me a 12 hour time out. I have tried every thing. Called all the 800 numbers and can get NO HELP!!!! At this point all I want to do is delete the account. I will, or better said can't use it, but I hate to think of a hackable account out there with my name attached to it. I have logged in countless hours trying to get a solution. My latest brainstorm was just now, and that is, there is a forum for everything, maybe there is one for problems like this. So here I am. I hope I am making some kind of identifiable sense to someone out there. Thank you.


Customer Service
Unfortunately once you are hacked, it is very difficult to regain control. The following link explains everything you can do to try to regain control of your account:

If you regain control OR end up making a new account, PLEASE take the time to protect your account in the future by following the security measures which can be found in this thread:

Your best bet is to protect your account BEFORE there is a problem. I hope it works for you. Good luck!


Customer Service
You're welcome. Don't forget to follow the steps to protect your accounts in the future. It saves a lot of headaches and troubles to prevent it from happening to begin with. Once it happens, it's a nightmare as you already know.

Good luck!