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Hi there, I have exhausted my own efforts in trying to resolve a yahoo email sign in issue and hope someone can help? I share a computer with a room-mate. She has 2 different accounts for yahoo mail and I have one. Somehow, it seems that one of her account "yahoo Id's" and "passwords" have been permanently stuck as auto filled in so we have to go in and erase and input our own separate info each time for different account emails now. Is there a way to get this out of there? Have yahoo as home page and whenever we hit "mail" it is just there, if anyone knows how to disable would much appreciate feedback, thank you:)

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What web browser are you using? Is the information sitting already displayed in the form fields or is it auto completing? If it's auto completing and you are using Mozilla Firefox try going to Tools -> Clear Recent History --> Form and Search History (for time period all time). If that does not work repeat the above but also include cookies. If you have the Yahoo toolbar installed and don't care for it you can also try removing it from the computer. Please let us know which solution helped to fix the problem on your computer.

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