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Discussion in 'Mail Server Support' started by equser27, Apr 23, 2015.

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    Apr 23, 2015
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    My name is Ricky.
    Congrats on this successful forum.
    I see you have huge experience in email related tech, so I seek your advice on my requirement.

    Consider I am providing a design & hosting solution to a Fastfood chain for their fan site. They need to let consumers create an email address which will just be a forwarder. It will be 1 main site such as, and it will have 20+ domain options such as, {domains similar to} etc... where the visitor can create his email such as

    To do such an exercise, these are some options I think I can use:
    1. Use an API with the registrar for realtime creation of email fwds
    (Good: Maybe easiest. Bad: Registrar may not allow unlimited email fwds, Long term not stable)
    2. Use a Server with every consumer landing on 1 website (domain) & create realtime fwd addresses
    on multiple domains that are pointed to this server
    3. Use a Server with every consumer landing on the multiple individual domains &
    create realtime fwd addresses on those specific domains
    (Being not too technical, I guess if #2 is possible, then #3 may not have much of an advantage)
    4. Use a mail company like fastmail/pobox/mxserver to accomplish this
    5. Anything I don't know yet : )

    Would like you to please suggest which will be the best approach &
    then what exactly should be the MX on each of the domains so I can hire a programmer and get started with the entire operation.


  2. popowich

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    Aug 12, 2008
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    Hi Ricky,

    The proposed forwards system could have a lot of problems with being marked as spam unless you take action to make sure email is handled in a way that, for example, an email From: Gmail through a forward hosted by you then delivered to a Hotmail account isn't marked as spam by Hotmail because it came from you instead of the Gmail service mail servers.

    For #1 check out the Mailgun API w/ Rackspace. I'm not sure if their hosting meets all of your requirements.

    For #2 it's easy to build a scalable solution within AWS. If you are interested in hiring me as a consultant please connect with me on LinkedIn.

    :welcome: to Email Questions!

  3. equser27

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    Apr 23, 2015
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    Thanks popowich!
    The SPAM point is well noted.
    I'm going to read more on the Mailgun API
    As far as hiring as a consultant, I look forward to studying this a bit further in detail and then get back when appropriate.

    Thanks again & would love it if other experts can chip in.

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