Help to find an email address which my contact list has scrambled

Hi everyone,

First time poster, so please be gentle!!! :)

I've got a question which I'm hoping someone can help me answer. I'll be in a bit of a pickle otherwise!

Basically I've got a new email address and I was importing over my old contacts from gmail. Most of the email addresses copied fine, but a number of them copied across almost as like security emails with stars in place of the main bulk of the address wierdly.

I've tried re-importing and that doesn't solve the problem. Most of my contacts with this issue I've managed to text to get their email address back, all except one person, who I haven't got any other form of contact with.

I didn't know if there is a way someone could dechyper (or any other useful ideas) on how I can get rid of the stars and get the email address back is there?

Thanks for your help


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Can you see the original contacts if you login to Gmail directly and check them and export if needed from there?