Help request re Approx 6 hour delay of email transmission on server


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I would be grateful for any suggestions as to the possible causes for an approximately 6 hour delay of an email on a server before forward transmission?

Please note that the email was part way through the transmission process (i.e. not an Outlook or other programmed delay).

Many thanks in advance for any assistance



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Hi Paul,

There are many possibilities including:
  • The sending server was being abused and receiving email so fast it couldn't keep up with delivery
  • The destination mail server "greylisted" the sending mail server and made it retry a few times before accepting delivery
  • There was a network problem or routing issue somewhere between the sending and destination mail servers
  • The destination mail server was overloaded and not able to accept new email at the time
  • There wasn't really a delay, only some confusion due to the existence of several time zones in the email headers