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Hi all:
Just found this site - hope you can help. 'Lost' access to Hotmail acct when changed from ATT (tethering/hotspot) internet access to Comcast cable.
Apparently the IP change triggered a block on my acct. Went thru the recovery process and did not know enough to pass. Had the problem escalated, but that person said the only way to proceed was thru the verification process. So, welcome Catch-22. When I created the acct 10 or so years ago, I wanted to be anonymous, so really do not know what data I entered. After calling/bothering contacts, I am piecing together as many of these as I can and of course, I am also one of those who is too lazy to use subjects most of the time. I am gathering as many subjects as I can as well as contacts, but am pretty sure that I am getting 'dinged' because my name/date of birth is 'wrong' or maybe security q answer is also wrong. I always thought strong passwords would protect me, but, I guess not. I have read and tried pretty much all the recovery stuff from Hotmail, but, almost feel like the more 'tries' I do, the stricter they may be with my case. I exceeded my 'tries' last night and must wait 24 hrs. before retrying. Way past frustrated - this acct has grown to include many professional (sale of house, amazon purchases, etc.) data as well as personal. I cannot afford to give up but need direction to proceed.
Thanks ....


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Have tried the verification process to no avail. I have assembled much contact, date and subject heading info by calling my contacts, but not sure where to proceed/send it. You mentioned working with Hotmail - I have sent this to secure. Might there be a specific place to check to work with Hotmail - perhaps the phone number given or ???? The original request number I opened with hotmail support received 3 responses to my questions yesterday, but they have not responded at all today. Sorry to sound so desperate, it is just kind of like the Ghostbusters motto - 'who ya gonna call' and at this point I am not sure who to call/write.

thanks again ...


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Long story short – I got my hotmail account back. Apparently the 4th time I submitted my account information with the hotmail verification process, was sufficient (even though I had to wait 24 hrs. for that 4th result, as they said I had exceeded my number of tries and had to wait that long to get that result). I spent probably 14 hrs. total over 2 ½ days in a couple of chat sessions with hotmail support, searching hotmail help sites, wracking my brain to remember what I had entered 10 yrs ago as account information, etc. etc. calling/emailing contacts (using a newly created gmail acct.) and having them send me both emails that they had sent to me before, as well as emails that I had originally sent to them. This was to secure email subject information for emails that I had received (4) and emails that I had originally sent them (4). Since my account information was anonymous stuff I just made up (you know, ‘cause I wanted to remain anonymous ), I could not remember the name, birthdate, state, etc. – basic account information (I did know my country). So, I needed to get as much of the other stuff as possible.
What is truly ironic, is that much of the info gathering came during that 24 hr wait period, when unbeknownst to me, this on-hold 4th submission ended up being sufficient to free up my email account.

This is what I recommend you know:
Names of folders you have created – create 4 and remember the names even if you do not use them
Subject information from 4 emails that you sent.
Subject information from 4 emails that you received.
Contract email addresses - 4
Name on Account
Male/Female or ….
Have a non-hotmail (gmail) acct. and use that as a source for hotmail to send a security code to you if needed.
Remember your password
Call contact friends to send you subject info – buy them a beer ‘cause they deserve it, but also ‘cause you may
need them again.

But, I recovered my hotmail acct. with a fair amount less than the above.

This can and likely will test your patience and sanity – hang in there !!!

Cannot thank this site (particularly popowich) enough for the patience, quick response to questions, ‘just the facts’ yet empathetic tone and plain good old fashioned information. Thank you.
The only place I could find that encouraged and yet told me the truth – both at the same time.

Hope this may help someone else– the least I could do to show my appreciation.

And whoever Hotmailisgarbage </SPAN>is – right on, bro …. :siterock:


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i have almost similar issue but the thing is, my account of hotmail also got blocked now and i dont know password either, i got codes to restore password but are ''invalid'' and when i fill in information its not enough ive been tryin 2 days now please help what else can i do?