Help, My email being Hacked and the recovery email being deleted


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Hi, i'm in big confusing. My Yahoo email being hacked, and the hacked change the recovery password email to other email which not mine. I'm afraid my account being used for a criminal used.

And must be the hacker already change everything of my info inside of my email. So what i can do? If i want to delete i must sign in.

What i can do? can you give me a quick respond?



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Hi, Still can't The screen shows, The Screen Temporary is Blocked

I getting crazy to recover my email and now going to my facebook account.

There's any other way?



Hi Herman,
it's sad to know that you are hacked email account, and also lost all password recovery details. Effectively the hacker once inside your profile, he/she will destroy everything. to hack email account is as like as terrorism online. You can't imagine the stress and sadness for one who got hacked yahoo email account or gmail or any other email. There're privacy inside.
Anyway try this site to get help about on how to regain hacked yahoo email .
Many luck and Happy christmas.


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l want to delete my account because it has been hacked, stolen and misused by unknown person, its not that its an old account l need it back but l tried to phone yahoo customer care to recover my account to no avail, thanks for your answers almost all of them are helpful, will l be able to delete the account since it is locked

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