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let me start with the SHORT description of my PROBLEMS. I get mail on Outlook or Gmail only ocassionally, then it comes in small batches. Like the last email i received today on Outlook was at 10:40 this morning. That is NOT normal. So far today i have received 2 email at Gmail at 11:20 and 1 at 10:40 from YOU. On Outlook i have received 16 emails back to 3/8 with the last one at 11:44. This is all happening on my Chromebook only. The phone is a whole other thing. HELP please!
I CAN send a Gmail to my Outlook account with no problem. But NOT from Outlook to Gmail.
That should get some steam up.


Bill the "buellfooll@msn.com"


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Hi Bill,

Are you configured as IMAP on all of your devices?

Are you always getting all of the expected email but sometimes it's not on all devices, or is there a problem where sometimes email doesn't make it to your inbox on any device?