Hello, I have a big email mess to clean up


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I have a small network, a laptop with Claws-Mail, a desktop with Outlook 2007 and another desktop with no email, yet. I have just downloaded Thunderbird for the desktop with no email, but have not installed it yet. I presently have 4 email addresses from one domain on the laptop and 3 email addresses from another domain and 4 more email addresses from yet another domain on the machine with outlook.

I say I have a mess because everything is POP. I am constantly running from machine to machine because of the email. I always have some email arrive on one machine that I need on another one. I would really like to have IMAP email on all three machines and get rid of Outlook. I am thinking Thunderbird for all machines.

I have about 100 folders full of emails on the Outlook machine, and that is just in the active pst files. There are al lot of other older pst files no longer in use and archived pst files. I would like to be able to hang on to all of this email if possible. Problem is I guess I would have to get it all out of the pst files since I doubt Thunderbird supports pst files.

I want to think this through before I start installing and removing anything. I have email addresses set up on two different Hosts. I don't exactaly know the best place to start here. I am open to any advice you might have for me. I need a plan of attack.



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Hi Johnnie,

The easiest way to go about this would be to open a new email account with IMAP access (I recommend Fastmail.FM personally, but there are plenty other options out there). Once you've done that, add your new IMAP account to the existing accounts already in Outlook and Claws Mail (they both support multiple accounts and IMAP), and then simply drag 'n drop your existing mail folders into your new IMAP account. Once you've got everything moved over, install Thunderbird on all three machines, add your new IMAP account, and let it all synchronise.

That's the overall strategy I'd go for, but of course there's more than one way to skin a cat. I just think this is the simplest way.

You're welcome to send me a PM if you need help with the details. :)