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Yes, I have an urgent question, and need urgent help! Just last night, I got an alert message from Microsoft Tech, stating my account had been compromised and attacked by a Trojan Virus! They stopped my computer activity and announced over it, to call them in order that I could proceed. So, of course I did. They showed me how to give control to them to show me where the intrusion was. It was located in my email. Because this computer belongs to my Grandson's school, I could not allow them to change anything, nor did I have the money they wanted me to pay to clean it up! So, they (Microsoft) have disconnected my email from their server capabilities as I understand it, due to contamination. I have no way to use my email now! No matter what I do. Does this mean I have to start a new account for new email usage? And, if so, will I lose my current email folders that hold things I have stored and saved over time? Can this be fixed or do I need to start all over? The School is re-issuing a new computer and taking this one back. Please HELP! Thank you in advance! Ms. Ethel


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That was a scam that that you received. It was not Microsoft proactively calling to say there is a problem with your email. It sounds like your account has been compromised and taken over by the scammers. The scammers may have also installed spyware/malware on your computer, and might be using it to contact the people in your address book trying to scam them too. I recommend getting the computer wiped and restored by a local professional computer shop in your area. After that's done, try restoring access to your email account using the tools provided by Microsoft - How to recover a lost Hotmail password / How to regain control of a hacked account