has my partners email account been hacked?


New Email
hi i started a new thread as i didnt know where to post my question, yesterday i recieved an email from an email address which was almost identical to my partners email just 1 letter missing. the email was sent to me and various family members of his for selling blue pills! he was with me at the time i recieved the email but when we tried to log into the account he couldnt because the password was wrong but the security question was his answer. we logged on and there were messages unopend dating sites, from women answering ads etc. there was also a british gas email for his old address these all dated from 2010. in the drafts section there were 3 messages which had tried to be sent but for whatever reason they didnt get through. all details on the email account eg date of birth address name etc etc was my partners details can anyone tell me if someone can hack into the account change the email address by 1 letter and get all his details to send emails to his family and british gas etc etc or would he have had to do it himself?

hope i make sense and sorry for the long question im just baffled as to how this happened

thank you kerry