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Someone is sending e-mails using my yahoo id. two thirds of the people receiving these e-mails are people i've never heard of. How do I fix?


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If I were you I would contact Yahoo support and explain the situation. If its a free account I would say change your password and ensure the alternate e-mail address is correct before changing.

If you continue to have problems please let us know.



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Are you still able to log in or are you locked out of the account? If you can still log in, like Ray said, you need to change your password AND security questions. One of the most important things to remember is to LIE when answering the security questions. NEVER use real answers that someone else may know the answers to. (father's middle name, mother's maiden name, first grade teacher etc) If your first grade teacher was Mrs. Smith, if that is one of the questions you choose to answer, use something different that would be easy for you to remember but not that someone would guess easily.

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