Hacked? Why does a stranger's pic show as my hotmail profile?


New Email
Some weeks ago, i tried to login to my hotmail from my macbook and they said it was not the correct password, even though i knew it was, so i reset it anyway and as part of the resetting process i saw a strange alternative email as my recovery email but I was a little confused but just continued with the new set up. Anyway now a very scary persons pic has become my profile (blonde guy with scary piercing blue eyes), which is only seen by friends with gmail accounts and Ive just realised that people with Android phones see it when I send SMS messages. I have no profile pic set for my email or phone and I don't do Facebook and I am very frustrated because I cannot get rid of it. Ive setup a new password with 2 factor authentication and when I try to access the account from the macbook i get a message saying -

Something went wrong
We can't get that information right now. Please try again later.'

I can however get into my email from other computers or tablets but just not my original mac.
Please if anyone can help let me know, the profile picture is really upsetting me as well
Thanks in advance