"hacked" into my Yahoo mail account


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Hi there

Looks like someone changed my password and went into my yahoo mail account. Just want to know if I can find the IP address and find out who it was. And how i can go about this?

Does Yahoo keep track of this info? Should I contact my local police? Will they even do anything?



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The local police likely won't be able to assist you. It's best contact Yahoo. They should have the login history even though they don't display it for you to see like you can at the bottom of a Gmail account. Most important is for you to figure out how to got hacked in the first place so it doesn't happen again. Did you reply to a phishing email? Did you login from a public computer? Did you connect to Yahoo over an insecure wireless network? When is the last time you ran a spyware scan on your computer? Is the password used for any of your accounts? Don't forget to change your password everywhere the same password was used.

Here is some additional information about recovering your account if you did not get it back yet :


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im sure its someone I know who changed my password to view my emails. So I changed my email back and my security questions. Can Yahoo give me the IP address of the computer who got into my account. Just want to know if I have any legal action against this person.

Thanks for the fast response


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Can yahoo tell me who and from where my account was accessed? I just want to know if I can find out who did this maybe via the IP address?