Hacked email, missing inbox, missing file

Mario Dormido

New Email
This is to report a grave setuetion with my yahoo account "shekinahsubic@yahoo.com" in which I incountered major problem, all my file at the inbox even at the sent items which so important to me were deleted. What happened was, on early morning of April 11, 2013 a pastor friend of mine called me that they received a spam mail that I am asking for money because I am stranded and need money to pay all the expenses. With that I tried to open my yahoo account to check and found out that I cannot open my yahoo account, so I ask for help with yahoo and suggested to change password, when I change the password and again tried to open my account everything was gone. I am a businessman, I have so much important email from my client there to retrieve trasaction history were there. Asking if all my inbox file can be retrieve and all the files and bring back to my inbox & sent items.