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My e-mail was hacked and they changed my security settings so that there e-mail is the alterenative e-mail that password recover gets sent too. As i did not have my mobile number registered i dont seem to be able to find a way to remove the alternative e-mail as the only way i can find is that an e-mail gets sent to the hackers e-mail asking if they want it to be deleted which makes no sense. Please help!!!!!!!!


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Hi, Bob

You can start by working your way through Ray's first post here.

If nothing there works, as a last resort you could also join the Windows Team Blog site and post your concern in their Inside Windows Live blog comments section. Usually one of those guys are nice enough to "friend" those who've had no luck with other account recovery methods and work with you to regain control of your account. But, as I say, go through Ray's post first and see if any of that works for you !