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Hi guys,

Wondering if you could help. In my new job role I am required to send out pension plan performance updates.

I have to send them to roughly 100 clients but each update is a personal review of their plan.

Is there anyway on outlook to send a group email but to have each email address correspond to a different attachment?

I have been sending singular emails but wondered if there was anyway to speed up the process.




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Hi Mitch,

I'm not aware of a way to do that with Outlook.

The first solution that comes to mind is building a small web based tool that lets you upload the current attachment for a profile, have their details in there, and an enabled/disabled flag too so you can stop for people that leave, and a convenient "send all" button that sends the current attachment to all enabled profiles when you click it.

Is there a dept at your company that can build that for you? They may have some additional ideas. Don't forget to be careful with any sensitive / personal information being stored.


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Hi Popo,

Unfortunately it is a very small independent firm with no It Support to do so.

I just wondered if there was an easier way but is not to worry.

Thank you very much for your knowledge.