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Walt Van Zant

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I have a club with about 170 members. Since this number exceeds 100, I have broken my email addresses into two - one for 88 members and one for 80 members. The problem is that when I use these addresses that only 63 of the 88 and 46 of the 80 go out to club members with one exception on 8/20/16. I have been using these addresses for several months. I have noticed that some and maybe all of the contact cards for members (I have not gone through all of the cards) have a notation of an AIM (whatever that means) address wth the same email address already listed on the contact card.

My question is why do my emails go out to just a portion of the members when all of them are shown in Google with an email address and are listed under either grouip #1 or group #2 of my club.


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Hi Walt,

Try creating a mailing list in MailChimp and use that to send your club emails. You're well within the free sending limits of MailChimp, and should should have better success sending to your list from there than sending blasts from something like a Yahoo account.