GoDaddy issues again...


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Ray, I started sending my December mail out today.
For the first 20 or so clients, everything was perfect.
Only a small handful of unknown user bounces.

Then all of a sudden I start getting the same spam bounce message as last month:
552 5.2.0 Nkyu1p01e2t7pkn01 - Nkyu1p01e2t7pkn01kyufG This message has been rejected due to content judged to be spam by the internet community IB212 <>

By the way, I submitted a support ticket to GoDaddy asking them what is going and the reply I got says my IP was not blocked,
but when I tried to send again I get large numbers of bounces with the same message above.

Also seem to be getting a few of these as well:
554 Denied [] (Mode: normal)

Not sure what to do..any ideas?
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