Gmail password

I had lost one of my phones a while back and after a couple yrs later and a different phone I tried to get my old gmail account back on new phone. The problem I'm having is after I entered my gmail address in adding a new account for gmail it asks for my password and then it's telling me I entered the password wrong. Now I'm old I get it and I do forget way to much. But I'm only human and I cant for the life of me remember my gmail password. And with every app or game or accounts ect...
Also needing a password but only make it with a #$*&! Or numbers and oh ya maybe a capital letter and longer too. I wanna know who in there right mind is gonna remember passwords for over 50 apps games internet mail and other horseshit accounts that most of the world has that developers are power trippers think they need for their ego... I KNOW RIGHT IT'S SO CRAZY I MEAN ITS NOT LIKE I'M OLD, NO TIME, HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO, OR VERY FORGETFUL AND VERY WHO GIVES A RATS ASS JUST PUT SOMETHING STUPID OR JUST QUICK SO I CAN GET BACK TO MY LIFE. AND TELL ME 76D76F6F DR EDDR7F7 DID 7F7F7⁷7F$F777FF77⁷7F⁷FFF7FF⁷⁷UTF DC$