Gmail Labels Trick - use symbols to break the alphabetical order

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Have you ever wanted to move a frequently used label to the top of your list?

As you can see if I create a label "apples" it gets inserted in alphabetical order.
Reorder Gmail Labels.JPG
If you put a symbol in front of the label name, for example @zebra, it gets placed at the top of the list.

Knowing this you use a combination of symbols and numbers to order your labels!
Order Gmail Labels using symbols and numbers.JPG
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Great tip !

Question: would it also work to move "Apples" up the list if you listed it as: A pples ? (I realize it's not pretty, but I'm wondering if separating the 'A' has any effect.)

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Yes, that works for moving up the list relative to other labels with the same starting letter :

Gmail Labels.JPG

Gmail labels are case insensitive. You can only have 1 of APPLES, apples, and ApPlEs.