Gmail label unread email counts not updating


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Sometime in the last couple weeks my unread email counts stopped updating. It seems OK if I leave that specific tab open, but if I'm away in other tabs or my computer is locked for a while eventually they all show as read. After clicking a label all of a sudden my unread email counts appear for all labels. Anyone else experiencing this behavior problem? I've also kept up with the FireFox updates and quickly gone from 10.0 to 11.0 to 12.0 as those have been released. That's my primary browser, not sure if it's related.


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I have not seen any changes like you guys are seeing. My Gmail is working just fine. Are you seeing this on regular Gmail accounts or Gmail apps for business?


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Apps for business.

I'm just surprised that for a company whose primary business is search, the search in gmail is so poor.


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My Facebook does the same thing now that I'm thinking about it.

If I'm not actively clicking within that tab eventually the news feed stops updating.

Still not sure if it's my computer or cruddy internet connection, but the cruddy internet has never been a trouble like this before now.