Gmail delivers email from my exchange server to the spam folder


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This question with details was provided about a Microsoft Exchange user whose email is being delivered to the spam folder when emailing Gmail users.

They stated that their server is not showing signs of compromise and there is no sign of spam in their mail logs.

I recommend getting the full email headers from an email that was delivered to the spam folder and then:
  • Find the outgoing IP address of the exchange server
  • Check the Sender Score of that IP address (It's bad if it falls below 80, terrible if below 60)
  • Is your outgoing IP address on any major blacklists? Do an RBL check.
  • Check your SPF record. If you don't have one use this SPF Wizard.
  • Check your DKIM signing for errors - Why is my DKIM signature invalid? (The p= field must be base64 encoded) | Email Questions
  • Do you have a reverse DNS PTR record that has a mail server name vs having a shared / dedicated / dynamic looking name?
  • Make sure that you only send email to those that want the email and will interact with it, not just delete it, or worse mark it as spam.
The suggestions above are a good starting point for any host sending email. They're not only for exchange servers.

Here is some additional information related to getting email delivered to the inbox at Gmail:

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