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I receive several health newsletters and store them on the Web in my Outlook account. The problem is that most of those letters don't have titles that reflect the content, so when I want to review one I usually have to open dozens of them to find the one I want.
I have tried many times to find a way to change the titles to something helpful, but have had no luck. I don't mind if I have to use a new email client or store the messages on my hard drive just so I can make them conveniently searchable.


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AFAIK, the only ways to go about doing what you're asking are:

1. Manually forward the newsletters to yourself and modify the subject before sending. This option would at least allow you to keep the newsletters in the email/webmail client of your choice and do the searching that way, instead of downloading to your hard drive.
2. Use Outlook (not the webmail by that name, but the Microsoft Office desktop email client), which has the capability to edit subjects and messages of received mail. It's one of the things I love about Outlook (I have 2007). But Office is expensive, so if you don't already have it for some reason, you probably won't want to get it just to have this lone feature.

(Cf. this thread at EMD.)


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Thanks foggy. I had not thought of forwarding to myself.

Glad to help. :) Btw, if you decide that forwarding to yourself is the best approach for your situation, you can choose to keep or delete the forwarding information found at the top of the body of the email. Sometimes it's good to keep it if you think you'll want to be able to see exactly when something was sent to you and from exactly what address.