From: addresses for different kinds of email

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This question is geared more toward forum owners or webmasters with several web sites and contact lists. Do you use different From: and Reply-To: addresses for your different email lists? For example do you use the same email for all of your mailing lists or do you break it up so general forum traffic comes from an address like forum@, newsletters from newsletter@, and the occasional "we miss you" kinds of email from do-not-reply@ ? I can see pros and cons with both. By using the same email it's easy to get onto your contact lists address books and be some wort of whitelisted, but by sending the higher quality and lower quality email from the same From: you risk having all of it blocked forever by someone pushing the spam button one time. Perhaps it's better never to send the occasional lower quality "we miss you" flavored email and stick to just sending out quality content? How do you protect the reputation of your email addresses?