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My two Gmail e-mail accounts are useless to me since I now have a RoadRunner account.
I want both of the Gmail accounts to forward 100% of its current content to my new rr account.
I want all future e-mails sent to either of my Gmail accounts to automatically be sent to my new rr acount.
When I activate the gear and select mail settings, I have an opportunity to click the "forwarding" tab for the purpose of adding my new rr account. The Gmail screen locks up and will not release.
Which step am I not activating?


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Hi Don,

What do you think your Gmail accounts are useless now?

What happens if you change internet providers and cancel your Time Warner service?

As for forwarding all of your Gmail you're in the right place.

Clicking the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab should not lock your screen.

Is your computer up to date? Use Secunia PSI to make sure your applications, flash plugins, and web browser are up to date.

Did updating your software help to fix the problem?
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New Email
Why when I forward a Gmail email to friends with various emails including Outlook, the emails are always empty?????