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Kate Mcnamara

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My friend set up a hotmail account for me around 7 years ago so I could use it for facebook. I cannot remember the password and I never even accessed the hotmail account so I never sent or received emails. My facebook has been hacked and my password has been changed. To reset my password they have sent a link to my hotmail email address but I cannot get into my hotmail account. When I click 'I do not have access to my email account', they ask me questions like 'what emails did you last send and who to' to verify the account and I cannot answer them because I never even used the email account. What do I do?


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Hi Kate,

If you did not use the Hotmail account it was likely deactivated years ago.

Have your friends and family report to Facebook that your account has been compromised

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Kate Mcnamara

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Thanks! Do you know how my friends or family would report it? The problem is Facebook will probably send a new password to my email address that is attached to my facebook identity which is my hotmail one.