Forgot Hotmail password but I can log in at work


New Email
I have forgotten my Hotmail password which I use as a work email. The password is saved in the cookies on my work computer so I can log in while at work, but we got new computers so I want to be able to log in on the new computer. I don't remember my old secret question answer nor any older passwords I have used previously. I have tried the account recovery processes but have been unsuccessful. I can't assign a cell phone number because I need to enter my password to change my privacy settings.

There must be a way I can contact Microsoft while logged in to my Hotmail to request a password reset. The only password reset solutions I have found all involve automated systems and I was unsuccessful with all of them. Is there some way I can verify with Microsoft that I want a password reset?


Customer Service
Do you use Mozilla as your browser? If so, it could be saved
go to
>saved passwords and see if it's there.

that is the easiest solution.