Find out which companies are selling/sharing your information


Customer Service
I just came up with a really easy way to figure out which companies share or sell my information. If you buy something from them, it won't necessarily work because you have to give your real information to have it delivered and for billing purposes but you could keep track using a different middle initial. A changed middle initial may be subtle enough to get by your bank. Keep a list of which middle initial you used for which company.

If you aren't buying anything from them and you don't have to give your real name or address, spell your first name wrong. For your last name, use the name of the company you're dealing with. That way you don't have to make a list to keep track which last name you gave to which company. For example, I just wrote an email to the company that makes Boca burgers. When it asked for my name, I used Teresa Boca. Now if I get ONE piece of mail or emails that address me as Teresa or Ms. Boca, I will know exactly where it came from!! They will be hearing from me if I do!!!

Also, I ALWAYS put in a fake phone number online. 99% of the time you can use 555-5555 as long as you use your real area code or at least an area code that really exists. A few sites are smart enough to know that isn't a real number. If so, then I will try 555-1234 etc until I find something that it will accept. I NEVER let them contact me via phone number because I don't trust them not to share or sell it. I ALWAYS make them contact me via email if contact is necessary. If they require contact by phone, they lose my business. I am on the do not call registry and I still get too many spam phone calls and texts. I don't need anymore.