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Is it possible to find a companies e-mail address, I tried there contact us page and an answer came back with a warning attached and I didn't understand what it meant. I don't want to call them cause I don't want to talk to them, I like e-mailing better thank you

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Sure, no problem.

Do you have a company name and a web site?

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National Bank Card Monitor email address

Warning! It appears that as of June 2011 this company is rated an F by the BBB! :hammer:

National Bankcard Monitor, LLC Review - DEBT RELIEF SERVICES NOT COMPLYING WITH FTC RULE in Apache Junction, AZ - BBB Business Review - BBB serving Central, Northern and Western Arizona

There are many bad reviews about this company.

I'm sorry if you were scammed out of $599.00 or more.

Your are correct, the email address listed on their web site no longer works.

Remote host said: 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected [RCPT_TO]

As far as I can tell they are a scam and may have been shut down or gone out of business.